What Is The Most Common Pointing Device On Laptops

Most Common Pointing Device for Laptops

The world of technology is awesome and never stops evolving, it’s moving so fast that you can be amazed at how many discoveries or inventions are being made or discovered every day. Laptops pointing devices are no different, I was amazed by how many pointing devices out there that can be used to control your … Read more

How To Fix A Computer That Freezes At BIOS Screen

computer freezes at bios

Sometimes we run into problems like this one and don’t know what to do or what caused it, when your computer freezes at the BIOS you start suspecting everything else and think that your computer is dead and you should get a new one, well… don’t! At least until you finish troubleshooting the problem. This … Read more

How To Get Bluetooth On PC Without Adapter

how to get bluetooth on pc without adapter

Bluetooth is a wonderful technology which was introduced for the first time in 1989 Nils Rydbeck, it can transfer data up to 30 feet long, it’s a short distance when compared to WiFi, it was a perfect replacement at that time for cables. The Bluetooth technology has a lot of applications nowadays, you can find … Read more