Best 360mm Radiator 2020

best 360mm Radiator in 2019

Whether you are an experienced computer builder or a first-timer, you keep thinking of how to make your build cooler, air cooling vs water cooling? It seems like water cooling is better because water can transfer heat much better than air, you already know it if you have built a water cooling system before.  In … Read more

Best Keyboard for Big Hands 2020

Best Keyboard for Big Hands

Have big hands or fingers? It’s annoying when you have big hands and you’re a gamer at the same time, your finger slips and presses the wrong key every time, the keys are flat, small and there’s no space between each one.  But don’t worry, because in this post you’re going to see different types … Read more

Thermaltake P3 vs P5 | Which PC Case is Better?

Thermaltake P3 vs P5

Computer cases are a crucial part when you decide to upgrade your computer or buy a new one, especially if you were a gamer or a graphic designers, office people don’t need or have to think of choosing a complicated or a huge computer case because they don’t need a huge graphic card or a … Read more

Wearable Computer Advantages And Disadvantages

Wearable Computer Advantages And Disadvantages

Scientists and tech geeks or enthusiasts can’t just get enough, can they? Computers are great and we use it every day, not just laptops or desktop computers but smartphones as well.  wearable computers are another type of future technology, a wearable computer is a small device that you can wear or put on or around … Read more

Classification And Types Of Digital Computer

Classificatiaon Of Digital Computer

There’s no doubt that computers play a huge role in managing our life, we can’t live without them, their importance has become significant, a quick example would be managing the database of a certain town or a country, computer systems store and organize this data in a way that makes it accessible at any time … Read more