Can You Reuse Thermal Paste?

Can You Reuse Thermal Paste?

A thermal paste is a thermally conductive chemical compound consisting of a polymerizable liquid matrix and a large volume of insulating filler loading (as high as 70-80% by mass) which is used as an interface between heat sources and heat sinks like high semiconductor devices.  It eliminates air gaps from the interface to increase heat … Read more

How Long Does A Motherboard Last

How Long Does A Motherboard Last

A motherboard, which can also be called a mainboard, circuit board, or system board is the main circuit system in general-purpose computers. It allows communication between the electric components of a computer system such as the central processing unit (CPU) and memory. Inside a motherboard, you’ll find un-systems such as the central processor, the chipsets … Read more

4×8 vs 2×16 RAM | Which is better?

Random-access memory (RAM) is a computer memory type that can be read, changed, and used to store data and machine code. RAM allows data to be written or read at the same time regardless of the physical location of the data in computer memory.  Normally, RAM is associated with volatile memory types in which stored … Read more

Where To Put The PC Tower & Why

where to put pc tower

Gaming has opened our eyes to a lot of things, it almost made us tech experts, we always care and think about what to get to build our very own PC to play our favorite games, we think about motherboards, the CPU, RAM, and more.  After we choose these essential parts we also think about … Read more

ManyCam vs OBS | Which One Is The Better Video Recording Software?

To record videos and live stream videos right from your computer, you need software. And out of several options on the internet, ManyCam and OBS (open broadcaster software) are two popular options available that have been top picks for screen recording and live stream.  Both software programs were designed to help with screen capturing, video … Read more

Snagit vs PicPick: Which is Better for Screen Capturing?

Screen capture tools are essential as they let you capture funny moments as well as important information right from your PC. Bloggers, presenters, journalists, meme creators, forum posters, IT workers, and anyone who works online will eventually need to capture what’s on their screen. Most of these screen capture tools are used to create awesome … Read more

DesignCap Review | Better Than Canva?

DesignCap Review

Trying to make something like Canva can be challenging, especially when they offer everything you need at a low price.  They even support Arabic fonts which might not be available in other competitors.  Today, I’m going to review what seems a cheaper alternative to Canva which I think is very similar to it but couldn’t … Read more