Open-Air Computer Case vs Closed | Which Setup Is The Best

Bad habits can destroy our life, small habits are the most overlooked ones which might have the most influence in the future if we don’t pay attention to them soon, I’m talking specifically here about habits like touching the computer when it’s on or putting the PC tower (or case) anywhere which might be a problem in the future. 

But in today’s article I’m going to discuss a bad habit that I’ve been doing for a long time without even knowing the difference, should we leave the computer case open vs closed?! 

Keep reading to find out the answer. 

Open-air computer case vs closed

Now let’s see the difference between an open-air case computer and a closed one, you’re going to find out which option is the best for you. 


  • Better & controlled airflow. 
  • Protection against pets, kids, insects, dust, moisture, and any physical damage. 
  • Beautiful look due to RGBs. 


  • Vulnerable to dust and physical damage. 
  • Vulnerable to pets and kids or any falling or flying parts or objects. 
  • More noise. 
  • Fewer fans used due to the removal of the side panel means less cooling. 
  • More dust build-up. 
  • Less beautiful look. 

Does a computer case affect performance?

The computer case affects performance when it’s badly designed for good airflow, a good case should include multiple intakes and outtakes to cool the computer even more. 

There are a lot of manufacturers out there and a lot of models and designs, so you should be careful and patient when you choose one. 

Are open-air cases bad?

Based on the points mentioned above, it’s clearly bad, having a close case gives you more control over the airflow not mentioning of course the beautiful look you get when the side panel is attached. 

You’ll have to clean out the dust on a weekly basis if you leave it open, moisture might fall on the motherboard and cause a short-circuit and damage your computer. 

Can I use my PC without the side panel?

It’s totally fine to use it without the side panel, but that makes it an Open Case which is the topic of this article, the side panel protects the internal components from dust build-up and any physical damage caused by kids or animals. 

Leaving the case open also breaks the airflow cycle if you have fans installed on the side panel, your case might be cool when the side panel is removed but leaving it closed is a much better option. 

computer case airflow


Can you run a tower PC on its side?

Most people say it’s fine but you gotta careful when you lay it down, make sure that the motherboard is at the bottom and not blocking any vents or fans, make sure not to leave any cables or wires hanging and getting in the way of fans, if you don’t have to place it on its side don’t do it, leaving it on its side ruins the theory of the airflow direction which is not how the case was designed to work, it takes cold air from the bottom and kicks out hot air from the top, it’s basic physics my friend. 

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