Classification And Types Of Digital Computer

Classificatiaon Of Digital Computer

There’s no doubt that computers play a huge role in managing our life, we can’t live without them, their importance has become significant, a quick example would be managing the database of a certain town or a country, computer systems store and organize this data in a way that makes it accessible at any time … Read more

How To Get Bluetooth On PC Without Adapter

how to get bluetooth on pc without adapter

Bluetooth is a wonderful technology which was introduced for the first time in 1989 Nils Rydbeck, it can transfer data up to 30 feet long, it’s a short distance when compared to WiFi, it was a perfect replacement at that time for cables. The Bluetooth technology has a lot of applications nowadays, you can find … Read more

What To Look For In A Motherboard For Gaming

What To Look For In A Motherboard For Gaming

Asus, Gigabyte, MSI… etc, these are some of the most famous motherboard manufacturers out there and mostly known by many gamers, the motherboard or the first part we think of when deciding to buy or build a new PC for gaming or video editing which require a beast computer that can handle any game or … Read more

How To Clean Dust From Your PC Without Using Compressed Air

how to clean dust from pc without compressed air

Sometimes your computer’s performance may slow down and you don’t why, maybe because you’ve never cleaned it for months or worse, years. And the worse thing is when you finally decide to do so you find out that you ran out of compressed air (a popular way to clean out computer cases). Don’t worry! Because … Read more