Do SSDs Need Cooling? Do SSDs Get Hot?

Do SSDs Need Cooling

As the world becomes more and more digital, storing data is a necessity. All of this data requires storage space which can be expensive to maintain. The cost of an SSD (Solid State Drive) has been dropping significantly in recent years, making them much more affordable than they were originally when they first came out … Read more

Are 2 Case Fans Enough For A Gaming PC?

Are 2 Case Fans Enough For A Gaming PC

PC games are video games played on personal computers instead of with consoles or at an arcade.  They have greater capacity in input, processing, and output (video and audio). A gaming computer is a personal computer set aside for playing video games that require a heavy amount of computing power.  Reports have it that the … Read more

Does Storage Affect FPS? HDD vs SSD

Does Storage Affect FPS

A hard disk drive (also referred to as HDD) is a device that stores and also retrieves data with magnetic storage. It was invented 65 years ago, on December 24, 1954, by an IBM team led by Rey Johnson. HDDs retain the data stored on them even when their power is off which makes them … Read more

Can You Reuse Thermal Paste?

Can You Reuse Thermal Paste?

A thermal paste is a thermally conductive chemical compound consisting of a polymerizable liquid matrix and a large volume of insulating filler loading (as high as 70-80% by mass) which is used as an interface between heat sources and heat sinks like high semiconductor devices.  It eliminates air gaps from the interface to increase heat … Read more

How Long Does A Motherboard Last

How Long Does A Motherboard Last

A motherboard, which can also be called a mainboard, circuit board, or system board is the main circuit system in general-purpose computers. It allows communication between the electric components of a computer system such as the central processing unit (CPU) and memory. Inside a motherboard, you’ll find un-systems such as the central processor, the chipsets … Read more

How To Fix A Computer That Freezes At BIOS Screen

computer freezes at bios

Sometimes we run into problems like this one and don’t know what to do or what caused it, when your computer freezes at the BIOS you start suspecting everything else and think that your computer is dead and you should get a new one, well… don’t! At least until you finish troubleshooting the problem. This … Read more