Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fifth Generation Computers

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fifth Generation Computers

The human brain is amazing, it never stops evolving or thinking, we even continue to think in our sleep. Since the evolution of transistors and electronics, scientists and engineers never stopped working to discover and invent the most helpful and advanced technologies in order to make it easy for us to live simply without thinking … Read more

What Is The Most Common Pointing Device On Laptops

Most Common Pointing Device for Laptops

The world of technology is awesome and never stops evolving, it’s moving so fast that you can be amazed at how many discoveries or inventions are being made or discovered every day. Laptops pointing devices are no different, I was amazed by how many pointing devices out there that can be used to control your … Read more

How to Keep Your Room Cool While Gaming [9 Tips]

keep room cool while gaming

Hey guys and welcome to another article, I was trying to write a post about how to get rid of the heat when you play games for a long time, especially in the summer. It’s been proven that your processor and GPU are both responsible for the uncomfortable feeling you get when you play games … Read more