Snagit vs PicPick: Which is Better for Screen Capturing?

Screen capture tools are essential as they let you capture funny moments as well as important information right from your PC. Bloggers, presenters, journalists, meme creators, forum posters, IT workers, and anyone who works online will eventually need to capture what’s on their screen. Most of these screen capture tools are used to create awesome … Read more

DesignCap Review | Better Than Canva?

DesignCap Review

Trying to make something like Canva can be challenging, especially when they offer everything you need at a low price.  They even support Arabic fonts which might not be available in other competitors.  Today, I’m going to review what seems a cheaper alternative to Canva which I think is very similar to it but couldn’t … Read more

Wearable Computer Advantages And Disadvantages

Wearable Computer Advantages And Disadvantages

Scientists and tech geeks or enthusiasts can’t just get enough, can they? Computers are great and we use it every day, not just laptops or desktop computers but smartphones as well.  wearable computers are another type of future technology, a wearable computer is a small device that you can wear or put on or around … Read more

Classification And Types Of Digital Computer

Classificatiaon Of Digital Computer

There’s no doubt that computers play a huge role in managing our life, we can’t live without them, their importance has become significant, a quick example would be managing the database of a certain town or a country, computer systems store and organize this data in a way that makes it accessible at any time … Read more

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fifth Generation Computers

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fifth Generation Computers

The human brain is amazing, it never stops evolving or thinking, we even continue to think in our sleep. Since the evolution of transistors and electronics, scientists and engineers never stopped working to discover and invent the most helpful and advanced technologies in order to make it easy for us to live simply without thinking … Read more