Arctic Silver 5 vs MX-4 | A Better Thermal Paste for Better Performance

Arctic Silver 5 vs MX-4 | A Better Thermal Paste for Better Performance

Never underestimate the power of small details, or in this case, thermal pastes, it may seem unnecessary at first but you’ll be amazed how a few grams of paste can save your CPU’s life, when building a new PC you must consider choosing a really good thermal paste that helps with lowering the temperature of the CPU, there’re a lot of options out there but the best ones are going to cost you of course. 

Today I’m going to compare two thermal pastes from the same manufacturer which is Arctic, the first one is Arctic Silver 5 versus Arctic MX-4.

Keep reading to discover the features of each paste and which one is better. 

Arctic Silver 5


  • 99.9% Pure Silver for a better thermal transfer. 
  • Arctic claims that the Silver 5 will lower the temperature by 3 – 12 C over the standard ones, however, users have reported that it’s only 10 C.
  • Non-electrically conductive. 
  • Easy to apply and remove. 


Paste dries out

Arctic MX-4

A 2 awards winning thermal paste. 


  • Paste doesn’t dry out 
  • Better cooling by 2 C
  • Suitable for overclocking
  • Metal-free
  • Lasts at least for 8 years 


  • Easy to Apply for beginners. 
  • It does not contain any metallic particles so electrical conductivity will not be an issue. 

Arctic Silver 5 vs MX-4

This chart shows the performance of different thermal pastes and it clearly shows that the Arctic MX-4 is slightly better than the Silver 5.

thermal paste comparison chart



The Arctic MX-4 compound is composed of carbon micro-particles whereas the Silver 5 compound is composed of 99.9% micronized silver. 

The thermal conductivity of the Silver 5 is 8.9 W/mK whereas MX-4 is 8.5 W/mK.

Because the Arctic Silver 5 was released before MX-4 and gained more popularity over the years doesn’t mean it’s the best, most tech enthusiasts agree that the Arctic MX-4 is better than the Silver 5.

How to apply thermal paste properly

Some people, especially the beginners, apply thermal paste incorrectly by covering the whole surface of the CPU which is wrong, so the right way to do it is by putting a small drop or the size of a pea in the middle of the surface and gently put the heat sink above it and push it down until it spreads the paste over the surface of the CPU. 

It’s also recommended to watch a tutorial on YouTube on how to do it properly, a video will explain it more so you can easily understand how the whole process goes so you don’t make any mistakes. 

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